Interactive Maps

Birch Creek Watershed Action Plan

This is a story map of the Birch Creek Watershed Action Plan.

Climate Data Viewer

The Climate Data story map was created to centralize available data and provide Tribal Government easy access to information to inform management concerns. This application contains 13 sections of climate data and information, including 30 web maps.

Flood Damage 2020 reporting app

This is an app for submitting damage from the 2020 floods on the Umatilla River and surrounding area.  If you would like to submit photos and locations to CTUIR of flood damage please use this app.

Licensed Upland Hunting Areas

CTUIR hunting licenses are required for hunting on Tribal fee and trust lands and individual Indian allotments within the reservation.  Property boundaries may not be marked and it is the responsibility of the hunter to be aware of the properties they are hunting on.  It is the hunters responsibility to obtain land owner permission to access or cross properties for the purpose of hunting.  Purchase of the license grants permission to hunt upland birds and waterfowl on Tribally owned lands but does not secure access to travel across private individual land or allotments.

Meacham Creek Story Map

An ongoing First Foods Management and River Vision Approach to restoring watershed and floodplain health in the Meacham Creek watershed.

River Restoration in the Walla Walla Basin

The Kentch Project is a river restoration project in the Walla Walla Basin (WA). This interactive web tool lets you scroll through the project to learn more.

Road Ownership Web Map

This is a web mapping application to identify road ownership within the Umatilla Indian Reservation.   No warranty is made for this information beyond the purpose intended by CTUIR staff.

Surface Water Temperature Monitoring

This application displays surface water temperature monitoring locations for the CTUIR